How to Increase Web Traffic

get more traffic
If your serious about getting more traffic to your website, and your willing to put in the time to do it right, then this Free website is what your looking for. Without internet traffic we are spinning our wheels and wasting time.  A website without traffic is like going to bed after taking a laxative and a sleeping pill. It's just not a good idea. You have the website, you have a killer product, but you don't have sales.

How do I get more customers to my website?

     This website is dedicated to helping you bring in more hits and traffic so you can achieve your business goals. In this free website we will discuss the many ways to gain web traffic, some are free, and some cost money.  The free methods take time and patients, but pay off big if done right.  The methods that take money can bring you web traffic overnight, but the traffic stops when you stop paying for ads.  So lets talk about several methods, and  web traffic techniques that will increase hits to your web site.

What web traffic techniques are the best?

     That depends on your goals, and budget.  No matter what methods you use, there are some things you need to do first.  After all, why spend tons of time and money getting people to your site, if they are only going to hit the back button 30 sec later.  The problem with everyone, is that we all think were above average drivers.  Well driving in web traffic is no different.  We think we know what were doing, but do we really?  Ask yourself these questions.

  •  Is your web site optimized for search engines? SEO (search engine optimization)
  • What kind of first impression will visitors have when they first see your web site?
  • Does your site have relevant content?
  • Are your key words, and meta tags up to par?
  • Are there any broken links or unfinished pages?
  • If you were just another visitor, what would make you want to return to your web site again?
    So before you do anything, lets make sure your website is as optimized as we can get it.  This needs to be done first, before you start submitting to search engines, and paying for advertising. Second you need to make sure you have some sort of stat tracking system in place.  If your web hosting provider doesn't provide you with one, or has a cheesy stat tracking system, then I would recommend Google Analytics.  It's free, and will provide you with more information than you will ever need to fine tune your websites performance.  This s a great way to see where your internet traffic is coming from, and what pages on your site gets the most hits, and what pages on your site are causing people to exit.
As the coarse goes on, we will then talk about the different types of internet traffic like,

  • Direct traffic.
  • Organic traffic.
  • Referral traffic. 
  • Pay Per Click  (PPC)
  • Advertising sites both paid and free
  • Search engine traffic and or rankings.
  • Advertising your website outside of the internet.
  • Linking with other sites.
  • SEO Search Engine Optimization.
First, lets talk more about website optimization.  (Next Page)

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