Why Your Web Hosting May Make A Difference

Most people choose a web hosting company based upon price.  If your website is only a couple of pages, and all your doing with it is creating a presence for your company, then a bargain hosting site may be all you need.  If your website is going to be the main part of your business then you need to take some time to do some research.  Here are some points you should consider before choosing any website.

  • Cost - will you get what you pay for?
  • Location of the servers.  Are they in the same country as your business?
  • Customer service.  Is it 24-7?
  • Server up time.  Can't make sales if your traffic can't reach you.
  • What technology do they support and supply to you?  Site builders? Stat tracking?
  • How much web space do you get?
  • How much bandwidth do you get. 
  • Will search engines have an easy time locating and crawling your site for indexing?
  • Is the site building software SEO compatible?

Be aware of some web hosting providers

Web Hosting
     If you pay $1.99 for your hosting then that's probably all your gonna get.  As stated above that may be all you need for a simple site.  What if your site has an online store, streams music or MP3's, plays videos or games?  You will need a hosting service that is up to date with these technologies. Are they in the same Country as you?  The reason this is important, as search engine spiders crawl the web to index web sites they will note the country your host provider is located in.  If you sale to people in England, yet hosted your site with a company located in the U.S.A. You will get the wrong traffic sent your way from the search engines.  If they think your company is in the U.S.A. then they will send people doing searches in the U.S.A. to your site.  If your site has a poor up time record, this could hurt you if Google or Yahoo tries to visit your site to update their indexing, and your site is constantly down.  This could hurt you in the ratings. You find your business growing so you add more products, and features to your site only to find your out of space.  You will have to pay for an upgrade.  This is where they can get you because they know you won't want to go through the hassle of moving your website to a different host provider.  Another area to watch out for is your bandwidth.  In your bargain shopping you got a site that give you all the space you need, but you soon run out of bandwidth as your business takes off and you start to gain a lot of web traffic.  How much will they charge you for going over?  How much to upgrade?
     Most of your host providers will offer some form of site building software for those who don't know a thing about HTML, CSS, Java, XHTML, Etc.  You may know the basics, but can you set up your own shopping cart, and link it up to a third party that will take credit cards for you?  There are some good reputable companies out there that will offer great site building software as part of your hosting package.  This will have all the tools you need to have a shopping cart, or stream music or videos.  Make sure you have control over being able to go back and edit your site any time you want to improve your sites optimization.  Here are some questions to ask.  Will I have control over my page names and be able to edit them?  Will I be in control and able to edit my Header tags, Meta Tags, Alt. Tags?  Does the site building software take advantage of CSS?  This is very vital to gaining a good page rank with Search Engines.  CSS make it easier for them to see the theme and relevance of your website.  It keeps your pages consistent. Do they have good reviews from others? 

One of the best site I have found that offer everything you need is HostGator.  Not only do they give you unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth, you get some of the best site building tools out there.  Their building tools will help you with SEO, not hurt you.  The tech support is awesome.  Here's the best part.   For a limited time they are offering a $100.00  dollar credit for free if you decide you want to create a Google Adsense account.  That's a hundred bucks you can put toward a PPC account, and you can drive in a lot of traffic with that.  HostGator has gained one of the best reputations on the Web by several business magazines.                                                         ---------------->