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Other types of tags:
  • What are Header Tags - These are the tags used on your HTML code.  They tell Search Engines if a word is bold, what size the font is etc.  Why is this important for search engine optimization?  Search engines give weight to words that are bold or are the title at the top of the page.  These words that you have given a large font to, like your title, or chapter headings should be among your selected key words, that you have placed between your Meta Tags.  Words that have a very small font, like fine print at the bottom of the page, will hold less weight with search engines.  Be careful not to bold to many words or use large font were it's not needed.  Remember your main task is a website that has a good first impression, plus search engines will pick up on the excessive use of these things and doc you for them.
  • What are Alt Tags - These are the tags you would use to place alternate text in the HTML code used for your pictures.  These words should explain what the picture is and will display if the picture does not load.  It will also display in place of the picture for people surfing with mobile devices. Search engines can't tell what a picture is, this is why the Alt Text is important.  It lets the search engine know what the picture is for.  Be sure to use keywords.
  • What are Links - The next thing that Search engines look at, are the links on your page, and the links on other websites that link back to you.  A link is a command that you attach to a word or set of words and it tells your browser what to do when someone clicks on it.  It will open up a picture, play a song, open up a page on your website, or send your visitor to a completely different website.  Search engines look at the words your links are attached to. This also helps them to determine the relevance of your website.  Links are such an important part of SEO that I have devoted an entire page to the subject. Link Techniques  
                                    Different Types of Internet Traffic

  • What is Organic Traffic - This is the internet traffic your site gets from natural internet searches.  A person goes to a search engine and types in what they are looking for.  Your site comes up somewhere in the natural listings of the search result and they click on it.  Getting to the top of Organic searches is the best way to gain web traffic.
  • What is Direct Traffic - This is the type of traffic that comes to you from either typing your address directly into their browser, or they clicked on a bookmark that they made the last time they were at your website.  They did not get there from a search result, or by clicking on an ad, or a link from a different web page.
  • What is Referral Traffic -  Referral traffic is traffic that comes from other websites.  It does not come from search engines.  If other sites like what your web page has to offer, they may put a link on their site recommending your page to their customers.  It could also be a link you leave on other blog sites or forum sites that you have joined in an effort to gain more web traffic.  It can also come from ads on sites you have payed to post a link, or even from PPC.  (Pay Per Click)  This is another topic of such great content that I have created a whole page devoted to Pay Per Click Techniques.