Pay Per Click Keywords

On the last page Pay Per Click Techniques we talked about setting up an account and setting up quality ads that will attract the type of customer your looking for.  The question now is, how do we find the right customer for our ad?  Keywords!  This is probably the are that most people get wrong.  I've seen several sites that will tell you to come up with as many key words as you can think of.  Even the PPC company you sign up with will tell you the more keywords you come up with, the more chances you will have of getting your ads exposure and getting the maximum amount of clicks.  This is where people fail to make conversions.  They get excited thinking they want the maximum amount of clicks from their budget, and they lose site of the fact that what you really want is customers coming to your site ready to buy your products.  Lets stick with the example of selling kitchen knifes.  What keywords will help you find the right customers?  Don't forget keywords are the phrases searchers will use as they search the internet.  If a searcher uses the phrase "cheap knifes" is that a key word we want to bid on.  Probably not.  At least we don't want to bid very much for that word.  If someone does a search for kitchen knifes for sale, or buy kitchen knifes, then these are the words we want to bid on, and even place a higher bid on them.  This person is looking to buy a set of kitchen knifes.  We need to make sure the ads we write will reflect this keyword and attract the customer to click on our ad.  Don't get caught up in trying to create every keyword you can think of for your campaign.  Try to think of quality words or phrases that will help you zone in on the person you want.
Take advantage of Keyword Tools - Sites like Google Adwords have a ton of great tools that will help you create keywords, and monitor how many times your ads are getting displayed based on each keyword, and how many clicks you are getting for each keyword.  This is a great way to dial in and fine tune your ad campaigns and get the most out of your budget.

We don't want to break the bank!

pay per click budget
Budget is very important.  I highly recommend you start with a budget you can afford.  Play the worse case scenario.  Ask yourself, how much can I spend if I don't get a single conversion all month?  Start out slow.  Three to five a day or less until you get the hang of it and start to see conversions.  If you haven't registered your website with Google Analytics then you are missing out on a great free tool to see where your  web traffic is coming from, how long they stay on your site, what pages get hit the most.  Use this information, and the information you get with your adwords account to sharpen your ads, and keywords, and get the mostout of the money your spending.  Look at your conversion rate.  How much has your website made this month in sales?  How much of the sales came from your PPC ads, and how much came from Organic traffic searches. Google Analytics will break this information down for you.  If you spent $100 dollars on PPC ads and only made $105 from your sales related to those ads, you might need to tweak your ads and keywords.  If you brought in much less or nothing it's time to step back and start over.  If your sales have exceeded by far the money you have spent on PPC ads then you can slowly raise your daily budget to have your ads displayed more often and gain more web traffic.  It's pretty simple. If you don't know what traffic is bringing you the most conversions, you wont know if your spending time and money in the right areas.