What Is Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click or PPC has really gotten popular over the years.  It's an incredible tool when used correctly.  If your not sure what your doing, it can be a big waist of money.  On this page I will share the things that I have learned from trial and error, and from reading and studying the topic.  For those that are new let me explain how it works.  I'm sure you've done tons of searches on Google, or Yahoo, Bing, etc.  When you type in the term you are looking for and hit search, you will get a list of results.  The results at the very top and down the right side will be paid ads.  The results down the left will be the natural results or the organic results.  With all the millions of searches being done every day, wouldn't it be great to have your ad at the top?  Well with PPC you can.  With PPC you are bidding on keywords that are relevant to your ad.  If you sale lamps, then you would want to bid on keywords such as lamps for sale, bargain lamps, quality lamps, you get the picture.  When someone searches for one of these terms your ad will appear somewhere in the top or right side of the search result.  Where your ad appears depends on how much you bid for that keyword.  If your the highest bidder you will be at the top left.  If your the lowest you might not appear until the second page of the results.  Sounds a bit confusing at first but its not.  The reason this is a great tool, is it lets you target the keywords you will bid on, you create your ads based on these keywords, and you only pay if someone clicks on your ad.  You also get to set your budget.  You can decide that the most you will pay each time your ad is clicked on is .24 cents.  You can also set a limit of $5.00 dollars a day.  When your limit is up your ads will stop displaying for the rest of the day.  If your going to spend money on advertising then this is a great way to go.

                                         Pay Per Click Techniques

The top three search engines and in my opinion the best ones to do PPC with are,
Of coarse there are many other places that do PPC.  Some websites like Facebook, and Myspace also let you sell PPC ads.

Getting signed in is pretty easy.  The sites above will then walk you through step by step on how to get set up, how to select your budget, how to select your keywords, and how to write your ads.

The best part and the most important part to PPC advertising, is that you will be paying for customers that are looking for what you are selling or offering.  Your not spending money on ads that will be targeted to people that are looking for something other than what your selling. Paying for general ads normally won't get you the targeted traffic your looking for.  That is why dollar for dollar PPC is the best investment for advertising.
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If your new to Pay Per Click here is a great video that will show you how to get started.  It shows you how to get an account set up and how to manage it.  It will also give you great tips on how to set up keywords and create your ads.  Caution use PPC with care.  Take some time to research your customers, your website, and your competition, so you don't end up like this guy.
You Tube video on Pay Per Click Ads.

Writing a PPC ad.
When you write your ad you will be asked to place a title at the top then the content of the ad.  You will then be asked to put int the URL you want displayed, then the actual URL the the customer will be sent to when they click on the ad.  The ad will make or break you in terms of conversions, and the amount you pay to have displayed.  Make sure your keywords and your ads are relevant to what you are selling.  When a potential customer does a search for a certain product, remember they will be presented with a list of ads to pick from.  They will most likely click on the one that is the most relevant to what they searched for.  Next ask yourself, what type of person do I want to click on my ad?  If your selling kitchen knifes then you are looking for people that are on line looking to buy kitchen knifes.  If you get nothing but looky loos to click on your ads and they don't buy, you have wasted money.  Don't write an ad that is broad.  Example: Best selection on knifes.  You wont find a better place to buy knifes from.  It sounds like a catchy ad, but here is the problem.  If you get a click, it will be from someone wanting to see why your the best place for knifes.  If this person is looking for hunting knifes and all you sale are kitchen knifes, you wont make a sale and just lost money.  Lets now write an ad that is more relevant.  Quality Kitchen knifes, for the best deals on kitchen knifes buy here.  This ad is better because it tells the shopper that you are ready to sale them a kitchen knife.  It will cut down on the people that are just browsing, and the people that are looking for different types of knifes.  You can create more than one ad for your campaign.  Create several and track which one is doing he best.  All the PPC providers will give you real time stats so you can see what ads, and keywords are working best for you.  Using phrases like buy now, shop here now, will place a bit of urgency on the buyer. 
pay per click chart
The company you choose to sell ads with will give you charts that look similar to this one.  It will help you understand how well your ads are doing.  In the above chart we see on the first line that they have a budget of $8.00 dollars a day.  They have gotten 13 clicks 3,530 impressions (the amount of times their ads have been displayed).  CTR is click through ratio.  The amount of times an ad has been displayed divided by the amount of time it got clicked on.  Avg. CPC is the average cost per click.  In this case .14 cents. Next is the cost for the day so far $1.76 dolloars.  Avg. Pos. is the average position the ad is displaying in. First would be the top left, then second, and so on.   If you noticed that they have budgeted $8.00 for the day but only spent $1.76.  If the day is over this would mean they need to fine tune the ads.  They should be getting displayed more than 3500 in a day.  Keep in mind that bidding the highest for your keywords doesn't necessarily mean you will be placed at the top of the search result in position one.  If your ads have a low CTR it might lose out to an ad that has a high CTR even though they are bidding lower on the same keyword.  Why?  Companies like Google are in it for the money.  They get paid when ads are clicked on even if you don't make a conversion.  If they keep displaying your ad and nobody clicks on it because it doesn't attract customers, they'll place it lower in the ranking and place the ads higher in the rankings that are getting more clicks.
Now lets talk about dialing in your PPC keywords on the next page.